Earning money online is not too hard ...

Posted on Saturday, April 25, 2009 - 1 comments -

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... but it can be a pain-in-the-ass. Seriously.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on the topic, basically saying that there really is an insanely huge (loosely termed here) number of bloggers running about, making substantial amounts of cash - and in turn, implying that there really is a plausible market out there for earning online, even noting the possibility of earning USD 75,000 annually.

While this may be possible, the effort needed to invest by the average aspirant is tremendous. Penelope Trunk doesn't cut any corners when she laid out her reasons as to why any attempt to earn online won't work in one of her blog posts, as it details the [harsh] facts of reality facing any would-be attempt. She basically shuts down all notion of the possibility of an online income for bloggers and would-be writers.

However, we don't intend to dwell on that. While it may be true that the whole prospect can be mighty hard, we'd tell you to take it with a grain of salt, and look at it as a challenge. There is no exact recipe for success online. It all depends on how you carry yourself throughout the whole endeavor, and how much you're willing to stick with it.

Here at the Online Money Investigator, we'd like to share our experiences and knowledge about it: what helps, what doesn't, what is necessary, and what you can try to better your chances of success in earning online. All you'll need to start is a computer and an active, dependable internet connection, a great amount of perseverance, and a solid, tangible goal.

Earning an annual USD 75,000 may be a fool's wish for most of us, but earning something practically smaller but substantial is much more achievable and comfortable. Let's start this out slow, and work from there.


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